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Below are some "haunting" movies that you may not have seen or known about. To search for more, use the search engine below.
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The Uninvited




Starring: Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey

One of my all-time favorites! A good, creepy old-time ghost story set in an old house above an eerie oceanside cliff. Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey play a brother and sister who rent a house on the Cornish Coast. Soon after they move in, odd things start happening, and they investigate the goings on. Who is haunting the house? Why? And how is the landlord's granddaughter involved? A classic haunted house story, intelligently told with fine performances. Available on VHS (but also shown now and then on cable movie channels). Running time: 98 minutes.

The Changeling


Starring: George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere

This haunted house tale is a scary story, without gore and high tech special effects. While a little dated and hokey in places, it has some fine moments. The plot is a rewarding mystery, with George C. Scott as a widowed musician renting a large estate house haunted by a ghost who needs his help. Watching George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere is a pleasure. Available in VHS and DVD. Running time: 109 minutes



starring Matthew Davis II


Below, directed by David Twohy, who did Pitch Black.  is set on a WWII submarine. Aside from the crew dealing with the tension of trying to avoid the Germans, very strange things start happening onboard right after three survivors are rescued and taken on.  The claustrophobic atmosphere and suspense ratchet up as the film progresses. Is there a ghostly presence? If so, what is it, and why did it suddenly start?    I liked this film, and found it to be a great rainy Sunday afternoon entertainment.

Picnic at Hanging Rock



Starring: Rachel Roberts, Anne-Louise Lambert, directed by Peter Weir

Set at an Australian boarding school in 1901, this movie is about the strange disappearance of three girls and their teacher during a picnic outing. The movie is atmospehric, creepy and mysterious. Don't expect to have all the questions answered at the end, but do expect to enjoy an unusual movie. On VHS and DVD.

The Gift


Starring: Cate Blanchett, Keanu Reeves, Greg Kinnear

Cate Blanchett plays a small town psychic in Georgia who becomes embroiled in a murder mystery. A wonderful cast and great acting by Cate Blanchett really add to this supernatural thriller.  I found it quite gripping. Available in VHS and DVD.  



Starring: Aidan Quinn, Kate Beckinsale

Set in 1920's England, Aidan Quinn play a skeptical psychic researcher who accepts a desperate invitation to help with the ghosts at Edbrook Mansion. Once there, he encounters a housekeeper and three siblings: two brothers and a sister who are odd, immature and quite seductive toward each other. Quinn not only has to deal with the paranormal at the mansion and the strangeness of the siblings, but has his own personal ghost he carries with him -- that of his sister who drowned when they were children. This is not a great movie, but will fill the bill if you're in the mood for a ghost story. Available in VHS. Running Time: 108 minutes. Rated R

What Lies Beneath


Starring: Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer

Harrison Ford is a professor in Vermont where he and his wife, Pfeiffer, live in his family home. In one of many homages to Hitchcock in this movie, Pfeiffer starts to wonder if something sinister has happened to her next door neighbor. However, her explorations lead to strange happenings in her own house, and she gets involved in mysteries  that  strike closer to home. I like this movie very much.  Available on VHS and DVD. 

A Stir of Echoes


Starring: Kevin Bacon


After his sister-in-law hypnotizes him and gives him a post-hypnotic suggestion to "be open to everything" Kevin Bacon's character starts seeing visions of a ghost in his house. This completely upsets his solid blue-collar conventional view of the world and changes his life. With a good cast and script, this is a very enjoyable and suspenseful movie.  Available on VHS and DVD.

The Haunting



Starring Julie Harris and Claire Bloom

Based on The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, several people are assembled at haunted Hill House by a professor. A chilling movie with perfect pacing for the escalation of suspense and creepiness. Especially notable for being so scary while never using any special effects. A classic haunted house movie, and deservedly so. Available in VHS. Running time 112 min.

The Sixth Sense


Starring: Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment


Okay, has any ghost movie aficionado not seen this (at least twice?)?  The story of a boy who "sees dead people" and the psychologist determined to help him, this is an excellent movie. So here's the link in case you want to order a copy of your own. Available on VHS and DVD. 

The Others


Starring: Nicole Kidman


I would think that people will be divided on this movie.  I know many reviews and viewers felt this was a wonderful creepy movie with a great twist. Personally, I found it long and drawn out, and agree with the review I read that described it as "glacially paced."  If mood and atmosphere is enough to carry a movie for you, then you'll like it.