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New Mexico Ghosts

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    La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa, Santa Fe   

La Posada is a luxury resort/spa, which boasts a multimillion dollar art collection as well as beautiful grounds, pool and spa.  The original building of the resort was the first Victorian home built in Santa Fe, erected in 1880 by Abraham Staab for his wife and himself to live in upon moving here from Germany. They were a major presence in high society, and even entertained the President.  Life was good until their youngest son, I believe in his teens, died suddenly of scarlet fever.  Julia Staab never recovered from her grief and kept herself hidden away in her rooms on the second floor.  Julia's suite is now thought to be the most haunted area, with lights going on and off, sudden cold spots, and her presence being acutely sensed.  She has, however, made her presence known elsewhere too: She has been seen sitting by the fireplace in the bar, and people have felt like she has walked past or behind them on the stairs, but there is no one there when they turn around.  The resort has been expanded and now has 150 guest rooms.  To contact them, call 888.FOR.ROCK (they're part of Rock resorts). 


    The Lodge, Cloudcroft

This  mountain resort  was originally built in 1899 but was destroyed by a fire in 1909 and completely rebuilt on a new site, but kept the appearance of the original lodge.  The Lodge is  haunted by Rebecca, a red-headed woman who worked there as a chambermaid in the l930’s.  She was killed by a jealous lover. Her spirit is said to wander through the building. Sightings have been reported, and chandeliers swing with no explanation. When a kitchen manager told a new employee that the ghost tales were bunk, a coffe grounds holder flew out of the coffeemaker 15 feet away and hit the manager in the thigh, as if thrown.  The restaurant at the Lodge, Rebecca’s, is named after her.  The Lodge offers golf, conference facilities, and wonderful scenery.  It is at 1 Corona Place, Cloudcroft, NM (505)682-2566 or (800)395-6343  


     St. James Hotel, Cimarron

  The St. James Hotel was built in 1873 originally to be a saloon.  The hotel’s pleasant atmosphere now gives no hint of the building’s violent history during which 26 people  were killed there.  There are three ghosts at the hotel.  Mary Lambert was the wife of the hotel’s original builder and owner, and she has never left her second floor room.  The second spirit is that of James Wright.  A psychic who came to the hotel identified him.  He was a gambler who won a huge pot with his poker hand – reports of what it was varies, but it was something like another player’s whole herd of cattle.  He was killed in his room, number 18, before he could make good on his win.  There was such activity in that room in 1985 when the hotel was being renovated that the room has since been off limits.  When the owners checked old records, it was found that there was indeed a gambler named  James Wright who had checked into room 18 shortly before he was killed.  The third ghost is unnamed, and causes mischievous havoc in the kitchen.  Located near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains there is excellent hunting and fishing nearby.  The hotel has 15 guest rooms and is on Route 1 in Cimarron NM  phone: 505.376.2664