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     New York Ghosts

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    The Edge of Thyme, Candor, NY 

Located near the southern tip of Cayuga Lake, this bed-and-breakfast has four guest rooms and is run by the Musgraves.  The Musgraves and their dog have heard distinct footsteps of shoes on wooden floors walk through the house, coming down the stairs and going from one end of the house to the other.  Not only are the Musgraves alone when they hear this, but the floors are heavily carpeted, and the footsteps continue a path through locked doors.  One particular window is often opened despite being locked closed.  Two different guests at different times have reported waking up in the night to see a blonde woman wearing a long white dress in the rocking chair in their room.   The Edge of Thyme is at 6 Main St., Candor, NY phone: 607.659.5155

    Beardslee Castle,  Little Falls, NY

 An estate that looks like an Irish castle, this restaurant in Upstate New York has ghosts that set tables, shatter glasses, move or take objects and open/close doors. Balls of light have been seen, as well as apparitions.  One ghost is a former owner who hung himself upstairs. A woman named Abigail died in the Manor, either by choking or during an epileptic fit. A long time employee would hear a woman softly call her name when no one was around. Another staff person saw a woman in white walk up a non existent staircase (where one had once been), and she has been seen by guests as well. One woman followed Abigail into the Ladies Room, but once in there realized she was alone.  The figure of a tall menacing looking man in dark clothes is also seen. He is Dominie Jake, a man who molested children and supposedly hung himself in disgrace in a tunnel under the restaurant.  There is a lot of info about this restaurant and ghostly activity in the book, The Ghostly Gazeteer by Arthur Myers and also on the restaurantís web site.  The Castle is on Rte 5 (Old State Rd.) in Little Falls, off exit 29A on the NY Thruway. Phone, 315.823.3000 or  800.487.5861