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    North Carolina Ghosts

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The Lodge on Lake Lure 

This lodge is right on Lake Lure in Hickory Nut Gorge and has the requisite beautiful and peaceful lake views. It was built in 1937 as a memorial to George Penn, a highway patrolman who was killed in the line of duty. The lodge was a retreat for state troopers and their families for many years until it became a public inn in 1990. The spirit of George Penn remains there still, having been seen many times in room 4.  Guests have thought he was a real man who was in the wrong room until he left by walking through a closed door! There are fifteen guest rooms. Breakfast, and sunset cruises are included in the room rate. Lake Lure is about 25 miles southeast of Asheville.  Note: the inn is closed for renovations until April 15, 2002. Rte. 1, Lake Lure, NC   800.733.2785

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The 1859 Cafe, Hickory

The 1859 Cafe on 2nd Avenue in Hickory, NC is haunted by a gentle blond woman. The house was built in 1859 by Henry Link to be both a home and a general store. No one knows who the ghostly woman is, just that she is blond and wears a long white dress. She has appeared in the dining room to waitresses relaxing there after their shifts. One of the staff was cleaning the mirror in the women's restroom when she saw the blond woman in the glass. Lights flicker a couple of times a week and some staff think it's the ghost, but the owner is skeptical about this. She hasn't seen the ghost, and there was a faulty power transformer where the electricity came into the cafe. However, her husband took a picture of just the building for their liquor license application, and when it was developed and enlarged, there was a figure in the lower corner of it. It appears to be a fair haired young woman in white, walking away from the building. The face is unclear. The 1859 Cafe is at 443 2nd Avenue SW, Hickory, NC (828)322-1859. The Cafe offers live music on Saturday nights and has outdoor dining. Reservations are encouraged. They're closed on Sundays.

    Richmond Hill Inn, Asheville  

This luxury inn is located in the Blue Mountains and offers scenic views and beautiful gardens.  Built in 1889, the owners suffered the tragedy of losing their 14 year old son to scarlet fever.  The F. Scott Fitzgerald room is the most frequent site of unexplained occurrences.  The sound of a ball bouncing or a wagon being pulled has been heard.  The mother of the family is also thought to haunt the inn.  There are 36 rooms, ranging in price from $205 -$515 per night.  The room charge includes a full breakfast for two, and afternoon tea.  Phone: 888-742-4536.

Richmond Hill Inn