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    Texas Ghosts    

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The Menger Hotel, San Antonio

Located next to the Alamo, the Rivercenter mall and the River Walk, the Menger Hotel offers many sights for the visitor to enjoy and also offers the possibility of seeing some ghostly sights within the hotel.  Many incidents have taken place in the bar. One night a custodian was cleaning the bar area and saw a man in an old fashioned uniform sitting on a bar stool at the end of the bar.  The worker tried to leave, but both doors (which had been standing open) were closed and locked.  After loud pounding, the night manager came and unlocked the doors.  The custodian was understandably unnerved and never returned to work at the hotel again.  One night a couple was getting ready to leave the bar at closing time. As the husband was off to one side waiting for his wife, a gentleman entered the bar and was walking straight toward the woman. As the woman’s husband approached to intercept the stranger he disappeared before their eyes.   

In the small hours of the morning many of the waitresses at the hotel have seen a man dressed in a nice suit of the late 19th century style sitting on a bench in the patio area.  In the original lobby of the hotel a woman has been seen wearing a blue dress and knitting.  She has faded from sight upon being approached and spoken to.  There are also spirits throughout the less public areas of the hotel. Sallie White was an employee whose husband murdered her. She wanders the hotel corridors, being seen mostly at night. She wears a long gray skirt and a bandana around her head. Most often she is carrying towels as if to deliver them to a guest room.  Capt. Richard King haunts the King Suite, entering via a doorway that no longer exists.  The Menger hotel is located at 204 Alamo Place, San Antonio, phone: (210)223-4361 or (800)345-9285.

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        Catfish Plantation Restaurant, Waxahachie

Catfish Plantation Restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas is 35 miles south of Dallas. When Tom and Melissa Baker bought this Victorian House in 1984 their only concern was to make a go of a Cajun restaurant in this building that had already housed three different eateries. Shortly after they opened their business, all kinds of strange things started happening. One of the first incidents was when the Bakers arrived in the morning to find a large tea urn placed on the floor with clean coffee cups stacked in it. Among the many unusual phenomena are: dishes and silverware moving by themselves, radios suddenly changing stations, toilets flushing by themselves, cold spots, a piano playing, doors locking and unlocking, a sudden scent of roses, and knocking on walls.

After calling in to a radio talk show, a psychic contacted Melissa and arranged an investigation by a professional crew including engineers, scientists, and psychics. The psychics determined that there are three spirits: Elizabeth, Caroline and Will. Elizabeth is a young woman who was strangled in the dining room on her wedding day around 1920. Will was a depression-era farmer, and he just stays near the fireplace. Caroline is the most active spirit who doesn't seem to be pleased having so many strangers in the house. Mrs. Baker says the ghostly activity has calmed down over the years. Catfish Plantation Restaurant is at 814 Water St., Waxahachie TX. (214)937-9468. Tom and Melissa Baker are the owners.