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    Vermont Ghosts

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    The Quechee Inn,  quechee  

The Quechee Inn is near beautiful Quechee Gorge and Dartmouth College in western Vermont. The buildings are the original home, Marshland, built by Joseph Marsh IV in 1793.  In 1845 the farm changed hands to John Porter and his wife Jane.  They lived there long enough to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1881.  John died five years later and then Jane passed away in 1900.  Most of the spectral activity at the inn takes place around rooms 1-6 which are the rooms that long ago encompassed Jane Porter's parlor and her study.  When I went to the inn, the innkeeper, Shirley E., was very gracious about sharing some of the odd things that have happened there.  A former maintenance man was doing work fixing the floor near room 3 and he finally sought out Shirley to ask if anyone was in Room 3. she re-confirmed what she had told him earlier - that the room was vacant.  He insisted he heard the door opening and closing and would hear footsteps.  Another time Shirley and the workman were up most of the night in a last ditch rush to finish some painting near the dining area.  Around 2:00am each felt like someone was watching them and they each had that "hair standing up on your neck" feeling for a while before one of them finally spoke up - to the other's relief that they were not crazy!  Then they heard whistling in the area of the bar. On top of all this, the phone internal network testing system activated by itself with its distinct odd noise and flashing lights.  To their credit, the two continued their work and finished their task.  

One guest came down from her room one night unable to sleep.  As she walked across the main entry hallway to go into the common room to read, she saw a woman walking toward her from the dining room. When the guest looked that way again a second later, there was no one there.  Her description to staff the next day matched Jane Porter.  The staff think it is likely that Mrs. Porter still strolls around, checking on her house.  In Room 9, guests hear people walking above them although it is just a storage area.  One couple said the footsteps were outside their door as well and someone seemed to be trying to turn the doorknob - at the time they were the only guests in that wing.  They also felt cold spots in that room.  There are other spirits at the inn as well, including a boy thought to be Patrick Marsh who plays tricks on people, hiding items and then returning them some time later.  He also is believed to be responsible for the occasional lights or TVs going on and off.  These are just a few of the many incidents I was told of - if you ask the staff discreetly during a quiet time perhaps they will share some of their tales with you.  The Inn has 24 rooms and 2 suites and is on Quechee Main St., Quechee, VT.  Phone:  1-800-235-3133

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   Brass Lantern Inn, Stowe VT 

The Brass Lantern Inn is a charming inn with nine rooms, several with fireplaces and whirlpool tubs.  The innkeeper, Andy Aldrich, says that many guests have told him basically the same story:  they tell him that late in the night they heard people arrive at the room across the hall from them, laughing and talking loudly about a party they had been to.  The room where this takes place is always the same, and it turns out that the guests who ask Andy about it are the only guests in that stairwell the room across from them was unoccupied.  Andy has also heard people up in that room although no one is registered there.  When hes gone to look, no one is there.  The inn is on the edge of the village of Stowe.  Aside from the famous ski slopes the Green Mountains offer all kinds of outdoor activities.  The room rate includes a full country breakfast and a complimentary afternoon offering of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and baked goodies.  There is no smoking and no pets allowed.  The Brass Lantern Inn is at 717 Maple St., Stowe VT 05672,  800.729.2980


     Norwich Inn, Norwich

This 200 year old inn is on Main St. in Norwich, a town near White River Junction, Queechee Gorge, Dartmouth College, the Appalachian Trail, and skiing. Several guests and employees have seen the spirit of Mary Walker in her long black skirt glide into the parlor and go through the room to the library. Other people have just felt a sudden chill in the room. Guests have described toilets flushing by themselves, water faucets turning on and off on their own, and empty rocking chairs that move as if someone is in them. A guest who stayed in room 20 reported that he was awoken by being shaken and once awake realized the water was running in the bathroom. Once he turned off the water, he saw that the rocking chair in the room was rocking back and forth--needless to say, it was empty! The innkeepers, the Wilsons, have run the inn since 1991. They also have a micro-brewery and serve their beers in the Jasper Murdock Alehouse, a tavern attached to the inn. The inn is open year round, and you can call them for reservations at (802)649-1143.