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    Washington Ghosts

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    Thornewood Castle, Tacoma

Thornewood Castle was built by Chester Thornewood for himself and his wife, Anna. The innkeeper, Deanna Robinson, says Chester often unscrews light bulbs in his smoking room between when she turned off the lights and returns to light them again, and she is the only one in the house. The gardener and several other people have seen Chester over the years. Some guests have also seen Anna on the window seat in her room or see her reflection in the mirror that was hers and is now in the bridal suite. The house is a huge turn of the century manor house, over 27,000 square feet and 54 rooms. There are five rooms that are rented out to guests. A mini-series, "Rose Red", that Stephen King wrote for TV is being filmed in Thornewood Castle and if you see the pictures of it on its web site, you'll see why it's a perfect gothic setting. The house is owned by Wayne and Deanna Robinson. The guest suites run about $200 a night. Call for info or reservations 253.584.4393.

link to Thornewood Castle web site


     E.R. Rogers, Steilacoom

 The E.R. Rogers Mansion is a dining establishment often used for large functions such as weddings. Overlooking Puget Sound, this 17-room mansion was built by Edwin R. Rogers, a sailor and merchant. Unfortunately he lived there only a year before losing the title to it. The Charles Herman family then bought it and hosted summer boarders. Succeeding families did the same until the 1960s when the house became vacant. A development company bought it and renovated it. In 1978 the current owners, Gordon Robertson and Mike Mendelson opened it as a restaurant, and it is once again named after its original owner. One of the owner’s wives killed herself and haunts the building.  E.R. Rogers is at 1702 Commercial, Steilacoom, WA  253.582.0280

       Link: E.R.Rogers


    Holly Hill House, Port Townsend

This Victorian Bed and Breakfast was built in 1872. People have seen the apparition of a man in old-fashioned clothing in the house. Also, piano music has been heard though there is not a piano at the inn and cigar smoke has been smelled in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The inn is at 611 Polk St., Port Townsend, WA  800.435.1454  or 360.385.5619  No pets, no smoking in the house, and no children under 12 are permitted.  

 Link: Holly Hill House 


    Manresa Castle, Port Townsend

Businessman Charles Eisenbeis built his home to resemble the castles in his native Prussia. Featurning luxurious stately decor, Manresa Castle offers 40 guest rooms and can host weddings, reunions and seminars. The third floor is reportedly haunted, and you can ask for one of the haunted rooms. Rates are $70-175. The Castle is at 7th and Sheridan, Port Townsend, WA. Phone: 800.732.1281 or 360.385.5750. The innkeeper is Roger O'Connor.


    The Oxford Saloon & Eatery, Snohomish

The saloon was established in 1910 and is one of the oldest restored saloons in the Northwest. the main floor still has the original large oak bar. Downstairs is the comfortable Ole Time Pub and the upper floor is occupied by Kathleen's Antiques, a store named for the ghost who haunts the building. She has been seen in her colonial dress in several places, most notably Room #5 on the second floor where the rooms were used as a brothel at one time. The ghost of "Henry", a policeman who died trying to break up a knife fight at the saloon, has also been seen throughout the building. According to a Seattle Times article, staff have heard their name called in an empty room, seen objects fall off the bar for no reason, and find pictures hanging crooked when they had been straight moments before. The Oxford Saloon and Eatery is at 913 First St., Snohomish, WA and is owned by Bill and Sarah Mahoskey. Phone: 360.568.3845.

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