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    Arizona  Ghosts  

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    Hotel Vendome, Prescott AZ

  The Hotel Vendome, built in 1917, is a quaint two-story hotel in the heart of Prescott that provides a Western relaxed atmosphere.  About 35 miles north of Phoenix, there are many outdoor activities nearby including hiking, fly fishing and horseback riding.  The ghost that haunts the hotel is that of Abby who was a former owner.  She lost the hotel due to owing back taxes, but the next owner let her stay on in one of the rooms.  Abby fell sick and died in her room,  Room 16, in 1925.  Guests in that room have told of many unexplained activities, such as the TV turning on and off by itself.  A local newspaper reporter said she thought Abby visited during her stay in the room because the radiators kept turning off and the room was cold.  She also heard meowing but could not find a source.  This is consistent with the assertion that Abby’s cat also haunts the room.  The Hotel Vendome has 20 rooms and the fee includes a continental breakfast.  It is located at 230 South Cortez St., Prescott AZ  Phone: (520) 776-0900


    Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff AZ

  While enjoying a drink in the cocktail lounge in this hotel, you may sense the spirit of the bank robber who died of his gunshot wounds in that section of the building.  Or you may experience some strange things in Room 220, as did the maintenance man  who returned to the room five minutes after leaving and locking it up only to find  the TV on at full blast and the bed linens stripped.  An image of a woman has been seen outside the Zane Grey Room and sounds of a man coughing continuously all night long have been heard.  In the Gary Cooper Room a guest  was unnerved by the distinct feeling that someone was staring at him.  It turns out that two prostitutes had been murdered in that room. The Hotel Monte Vista is a large hotel that opened in 1927 and was the home base to many actors  when Westerns were popular and often filmed near Flagstaff.  Hence many rooms are named after 1940’s era actors. Hotel Monte Vista is   at 100 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff AZ.  Phone:  (520)779-6971 or (800)545-3068


    The Buford Bed and Breakfast, Tombstone, AZ

Like much of Tombstone, this adobe home built in 1880 seems to be haunted by restless spirits.  A strange light has been outside the upstairs bedroom from within, but there is no outside source for it. A guest staying in that room saw an apparition of an old lady who looked real enough that the guest informed her she was in the wrong room and would have to go. The spirit told the guest this was her room and to leave. Lavender scent has been smelled in the house. Perhaps the old woman's?   The Allens, who run the inn have witnessed the other ghost who haunts their home.  The spirit of George Dawes appeared to admire their Christmas tree as they were setting it up. He lived in the house long ago and was in love with the girl, Patra, who lived across the street. He went to a mine to work long and hard for nine months to have enough money so they could wed. Upon his return he was devastated to discover she had fallen in love with another man. Distraught, George took his gun and shot her as she left her house. He then shot himself. Ironically, Patra did not die from her gunshot wounds, though poor George did. He seems to be fairly active around the house, pulling small pranks such as turning lights on and off, and ringing the doorbell at 3am (no one is ever there when the Allens go look), and rapping on walls or windows.  The Buford Bed and Breakfast is at 2nd and Safford Streets in Tombstone, phone: (520)457-3969. 


    Casey Moore’s Oyster House, Tempe AZ 

It is unknown who the spirits are who hang on at this restaurant; perhaps they are the original builder/owners of the house, William and Mary Moeur. In existence since 1910 this historic house is now a restaurant owned by Patty St. Vincent. In an article in the Wrangler News Ms. St. Vincent cites many strange occurrences over the years. Since she has run Casey Moore’s there have been four different families who have lived in the house across the street. Each family has at some time called the police during the night, saying they see a woman upstairs in the restaurant. Each time the security alarm has not been set off, and there is no one in the building. One time St. Vincent and her daughter set an upstairs dining room before leaving for the night. They were the last ones out and the first in the next morning, and when they arrived the alarm was on and working. However, when they went upstairs, the chairs were all lined up in a row leading across the room, the napkins moved and all the silverware fanned out on each table instead of in their table settings. Another time, in front of several witnesses, a large picture came flying off a wall, but the nail was still in place.  Casy Moore’s Oyster House is an Irish Pub style restaurant near ASU and the Sun Devil Stadium, at 850 S. Ash, Tempe AZ  phone: 602-968-9935