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  Haunted Travels

    A Guide to Haunted Places                                                                                                                          

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Are you looking for haunted inns for a spooky getaway? Does the idea of dining in haunted restaurants whet your appetite?   Do you enjoy visiting places with a little extra "atmosphere"?

If you're looking to visit someplace where you may have the added bonus of running into ghosts, this is the site for you!

To the left are links to pages in this site that give descriptions of haunted hotels, inns,  restaurants and museums listed by state. There is  a page of Ghost Books with  reviews, and one with Ghost Movies,  and a page with links to other spooky web sites.  

Click Here to See Ghosts Listed by State!

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Happy Hauntings! 





Of Note:

The Center for Paranormal  Research and Investigation in VA is hosting their First Annual Paranormal Conference on May 13 and 14 in Richmond, VA.  Visit  for more information. Jason Hawes of SciFi's Ghost Hunters show will be a keynote speaker.

The American Ghost Society is having their 10th annual conference in Alton, IL. Hosts are Troy Taylor and Ursula Bielski.  June 22-25,  for more info go to    

 (note that event listings  are not endorsements, merely a sharing of info.)

I have  a  page for Ghost Walks around the country. Check it out at Ghost Walks 

Check out the hotel that inspired The Shining on the Colorado page


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