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New Hampshire Ghosts

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    The Shaker Inn, Enfield

 The Shaker Inn is  housed in a building built over 150 years ago that once belonged to the religious sect, the Shakers.  It is said to be haunted by the spirit of Caleb Dyer, a businessman who was the only outsider the Shakers allowed into their community.  One of the local townsmen left his two young daughters in care of Mr. Dyer before leaving town. Upon his return 6 months later he wanted custody of his daughters, but Mr. Dyer thought he was unstable and incompetent to care for them.  The father shot and killed Caleb Dyer.  He is thought to be the spirit still wandering the building. On the fourth floor, room 15, the rocking chair often rocks by itself. Lights are on in the kitchen after the manager has locked up and left. Doors close, and footsteps are heard in the hallway outside although the guests hearing this are the only people staying on that floor.

 The former Shaker residence is now a 24 room inn.  All the rooms feature a private bath and telephone. The décor has been kept faithful to the Shaker style, and even features some of the original built-ins.  Room rates range from $105 to $155/night and include a full country breakfast. The Inn is on Lake Mascoma on Rte. 4A, only 15 minutes from Hanover NH. You can call for info and reservations at 888.707.4257. 

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    The Sise Inn, Portsmouth

 Built in 1881, the Inn is a three story Queen Anne mansion.   In 1986 it was turned into an inn.  Most of the mysterious events happen around Suite 214.  The ice machine seems to fascinate the ghost(s) and ice cubes are thrown. One time a maid found a trail of ice cubes leading to a pile of them in Room 214. There were no guests staying on that floor at the time. The doors in that area often lock and unlock without human involvement. Many maids have felt cold spots in various rooms, and have had trouble with door locks that had worked fine until then. An elevator operates by itself, and a rocking chair in the lobby has been seen rocking with no one in it.  Set in the historic section of Portsmouth on the New England seacoast about an hour north of Boston, the Sise Inn has 34 guest rooms. The décor is Victorian and each room has a private bath. A light breakfast buffet is offered each morning. Function rooms are also available. The Sise Inn is at 40 Court St., Portsmouth NH. Phone: 877.747.3466.


    Country Tavern Restaurant, Nashua

 Elizabeth Ford, who lived here two centuries ago, has never left according to many. The legend goes that her husband returned home after a year at sea to find her with a newborn baby. He killed Elizabeth and the baby and buried them on the grounds. The staff thinks she is looking for her baby. She tends to play pranks, opening and closing doors, moving plates, knocking glasses off shelves and such. The restaurant is at 452 Amherst St., Nashua, phone 603.889.5871.

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