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South Carolina Ghosts

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Poogan's Porch, Charleston 

Poogan's Porch is a low-country seafood restaurant in a former residence in Charleston.  The name is a memorial to the owner's dog who used to remain on the front porch and greet customers.  A woman in black seems to hang around the restaurant and has been seen many places on the grounds including upstairs where she knocked on the occupied bathroom door repeatedly and as the occupant exited, she saw the spirit fade away before her eyes.  Another sighting was by a neighbor who saw a shadowy figure all in black banging on a window of the restaurant.  the neighbor reached for her phone and when she turned back, the figure was gone.  A worker at Poogan's Porch entered the kitchen to see a woman all in black kneading dough, and upon telling her she shouldn't be there, she disappeared in front of his eyes. Many people have seen an old woman wave from an upstairs window when the restaurant is closed.  Poogan's Porch is at 72 Queen Street, Charleston, SC.  Phone: 843-577-2337.  Open 7 days a week, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Brunch are served.   


Rutledge Victorian Guesthouse, Charleston

Built in 1887, the Guesthouse is one of the "Painted Ladies" buildings in Charleston.  The family who lived there tragically lost their daughter, 12 year old Sarah, when she was unable to escape the fourth floor during a fire that broke out in the house.  After the fire her parents boarded up the house and left.  For 80 years the house remained vacant, the charred upper floors a sad testimonial to its tragic past.   In the 1980s it was purchased and turned into an inn.  The top floor is where unexplained things happen.  It is assumed that Sarah haunts this area, and has pulled pillows out from under guests' heads.  She also plays around with the lights and heat.  There are nine rooms, and one suite.  Lyn and Norm Beam are the innkeepers and in the room fee they include offstreet parking, Southern continental breakfast, afternoon sherry, bikes and a nightly service of brandy and chocolates.  Located at 114 Rutledge Ave., phone: 843-723-3212 or 888-722-7553.

Web site: Rutledge Victorian