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    Southern Ghosts  

       Find ghosts in Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama

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    The Crescent Hotel,  Eureka Springs, Arkansas

 Built in 1886 this building has had many incarnations, as a hotel, women’s conservatory, junior college, health resort and is now again a hotel.  Many guests have reported happenings.  Room 424 has had several happenings, and in Room 202 a ghost was photographed.  Room 218 seems to be the most haunted room.  Doors slam shut, strange sounds have been heard, and people have been shaken awake at night. 
During construction of the building, a workman fell from the roof and was killed when he landed where Room 218 is.   Some guests report seeing a middle aged man with a beard, in formal clothes in the bar area but when they talk to him he does not answer, and then vanishes.  Phone:  1-800-342-9766


King’s Tavern,  Natchez Trace, Mississippi

 King’s Tavern is in the oldest building in Natchez, built in 1769.  Originally it served as a resting point on the Natchez Trace trail. Then more modern transportation took over and bypassed the Tavern.  It became a private home for a while, but then once again became a tavern.  The tavern appears to be haunted by  a ghost identified as Madaline.  She was supposedly the mistress of the original builder, Richard King, and was murdered by his wife out of jealousy.  Madaline will cause hard to open doors to swing open by themselves, and if staff say, “alright Madaline’” they then shut by themselves.  Faucets will suddenly spout hot water.  A reporter was videotaping the downstairs of the tavern a few years ago.  He had a friend with him who was supposed to be upstairs at the same time, taping up there.  The reporter kept hearing his friend and the waitress with him overhead – muffled talking and the floor creaking.  The reporter looked out the window, and his friend and the waitress were walking around outside! He checked upstairs and no one was there.  The tavern is open for dinner nightly.  King’s Tavern, 619 Jefferson, Natchez , Mississippi  601-446-8845

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    Grace Hall, Selma, Alabama

Grace Hall is a restored antebellum mansion, run as a bed and breakfast by the current owners, Coy and Joey Dillon. Guests, especially children and young women have seen a woman in a long white dress with a little black dog.  It seems the ghost is Miz Eliza, the lady of the house in the late nineteenth century.  The mother of four girls, she seems fond of children. An old gentleman has been seen as well. The Dillons identify him as Mr. Satterfield, an attorney who lived there as a boarder for 25 years. It is said that he and one of Miz Eliza’s daughter’s fell in love, but did not marry because of their age difference. Grace Hall has six bedrooms available.  It is at 506 Lauderdale St., Selma, Ala. 205-875-5744.


   Woodland Plantation, Moundville, Alabama

Woodland is an eighteen room former plantation house set on 200 acres.  Near the University of Alabama and the Mound State Monument in Moundville, one can take a relaxing wlak, fish, or skeet hoot on the grounds. No one knows who the ghost who stays there is, but they do know what it is responsible for.  The spirit turns lights on and off, and makes their taste in furnishings known by moving pieces around, or taking pictures off the wall. Run by Mr. Buck Whatley, the inn provides a full breakfast and afternoon cocktail.  There are no TVs in the rooms, but Mr. Whatley will share his if you want to catch the news.  Woodland Plantation is on Route 2, Moundville, Ala.  (205)371-2734.